Watering more than the yard ...

 Porch Notes … (from the patio)

Have you ever watched your sprinklers sprinkle? While smelling the water like it was rain? No, I haven’t ‘lost it’. I’m just enjoying it … for two reasons.
One. It’s my ‘designated’ watering day, so I can. I admit this would probably be more fulfilling on a ‘non-designated’ watering day, or ‘no designated’ day at all. It doesn’t set well with me anymore when the government tells me what I can and cannot do. But alas, I get a low water supply in a drought and summer heatwave. It’s been enough to make you want to cry over your plants and parched yard. Not to mention the shriveling foundation. Pretty soon I won’t be able to open or shut our bedroom door at all if we don’t get some much-needed relief in the way of a good ole thunderstorm. So for now, I’ll sit outside and watch those beloved sprinklers sprinkle, praying for rain.
Two. It’s really really quiet this morning. Shhhh … you can hear the silence. Okay, there were lawnmowers out on the golf course, but other than that. A soft almost cool breeze swirling around my shoulders, a nice cup of warm coffee, squirrels running in the oak tree overhead, Prissy occasionally finding something to bark at, and just me and my journal. Quiet time. This, for the first time in the last four mornings, I’m not on MeeMaw duty.
Now don’t get me wrong. It’s the Best duty in my world right now, and I savor every minute when I get it. It just reminds me of my age! Ya’ll know all those commercials where grandparents are starting to take or do something because they say they want to keep up with their grandkids? Yea, I use to laugh at those. Now I AM one. I’m not laughing anymore. I’m dadgum out of breath. Get the toys out. Put them together. See another set of toys to play with and start getting those out. Take the first set of toys apart and put them back in containers so you have room for the second set of toys. Around and around we go. I’m exhausted just writing about it again. Whew … this is why it takes young Mamas to raise babies and toddlers. I guess 35 years DOES make a difference. And thank goodness for Pops as back up. Caregiving is certainly no job for sissies or wimps or even the weak or tired … although it can make you feel like all of those things. So as soon as I put this pen down, to the gym I do go, like a Grandparent in those commercials. In fact … I may need Navy Seal special ops training or Marine boot camp to keep up with this little dude who is half my size.
Then there is the mental jujitsu of a toddler who wants HIS way. Thank you Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, that my old parenting counseling brain cells were still up there. Dormant yes, but they have definitely been reactivated by a few ‘I don’t want that’ or ‘I don’t like that’ or ‘I don’t want to eat’, etc. etc. Yes, the ‘gradual agreement’ techniques that worked on his Mama, kicked in with her baby boy. All to say retirement from parenting is a myth! It Never ends!
With those normal challenges, however, came some great memories and lots of bonding the last few days while the parents were away. There were very few quiet moments of reflection, mainly when he was sleeping. I have to say watching him sleep is one of the sweetest sights in the whole world. It’s like gazing onto the face of an angel. Ahhhh …. You notice how beautiful they are. You pray over them. You thank God for the blessing of them. You envision their bright future. And then … they wake up. “I’m hungry, MeeMaw.” And so it begins.
Like his somewhat rebellious MeeMaw, who doesn’t like the government telling me what to do, how to do it, and when, I pray that genetic side of him serves him well in the future of this crazy world. If that little I’m going to do this MY way glint in his eye is any indication, I won’t have to worry about him at all. He’ll grow up large and in charge.
But for now … MeeMaw has his number and will be issuing the ‘designated orders’. And for ‘right now’, I’m enjoying simply watching the sprinklers sprinkle, smelling the water, enjoying the quiet, and getting recharged for the next round with the toddler tornado. Yep, that boy’s gonna whip me into shape yet.


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